Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Cupcake Chronicles

Hi Luxies!

Welcome to the 1st entry into the cupcake chronicles! We get asked so many questions about us and the business and our customers that we wanted to give you a little backstage (or kitchen) peek into our lives and the funny and bizarre stories that have happened in the lives and times of a cupcakelatier.

So lets go back in time (think 2008 not 1998) to our first flea market experience ever.....

LuxSugar bakery was just a good idea and we were selling baked goods to family members and coworkers and wanted to branch out a little bit and see if actual strangers would buy our cupcakes.

So we decided to buy 4 weekends at a pretty well known flea market in xxx Brooklyn (names and locations have been changed to protect the not so innocent).

We did our research and there was only one other cupcake baker at this flea market that sold a different kind of cupcake both size and flavor selection so we thought that this would be an ideal location for us to introduce our cupcakes.

Well long story short we came we saw we conquered. We happily packed up our empty containers and congratulated ourselves on a job well done.

If only the story ended there lol

Fast forward to the following Friday afternoon at 6pm..... we receive an email from the flea markets organizer and she wrote to tell us that she received complaints about LuxSugar from the other cupcake baker and that we were no longer allowed to bring cupcakes for Saturday's flea market. Furthermore we could have our money back if this was a problem.

WHAT!!! 6 pm Friday night and the cupcakes are already made (think 12 dozen frosted cupcakes)

This was when we realized that not everyone who sells cupcakes is sweet as frosting.

So what did we do? we peeled off the wrappers sliced the cupcakes in half and called them "luxcakes" lol and again it was veni vidi vici because people loved that they could get the frosting on the inside a little cake.

We thought we were in the clear till once again Friday at 6pm we received another email from the flea market organizer again saying that she received more complaints about LuxSugar from the other cupcake baker that our luxcakes were too much like cupcakes (are you seeing a pattern yet?)

So once again we had to scramble...we cut the cupcakes in half and it was still an issue so we decided to dip the cupcakes in frosting and make little cakes (time consuming and highly frustrating).

At the end of the day (or I should say month) we learned a couple of valuable lessons:

  1. Customers loved our stuff
  2. Competitors hated us and our cupcakes
  3. Sometimes being the new cupcake bakery on the scene can be a lot like a freshman playing dodge ball with the senior varsity basketball team- you know they are aiming for you but you don't know where the ball is going to hit you :-)

And no, we never sold cupcakes at that flea market again......




Peggs said...

hahahaha.. no need.. ur cupcakes are scrumptious

Peggs said...

No need to go there.. ur cupcakes sell themselves