Monday, September 27, 2010

Cupcake Chronicles- Will You Be My Valentine?

Hi Luxies,

Ready for the second installment of the Cupcake Chronicles?

Well here goes.....

"Will you be my Valentine?"

Valentine's day is always a big holiday for us because people love that we customize pretty little cupcakes and deliver them throughout NYC (and ship throughout the US).

This past Valentines was no different, we received lots of "Be My Valentine" and "I love you" valentine’s day cupcake orders.

Our business is still in the growing stage so most of the deliveries we make ourselves, and it's always great customer relations when the customer can see the person that they spoke with or emailed about their order.

We received a cupcake order from Linda* (*names have been changed to protect the not so innocent) to have a dozen cupcakes delivered with the inscription "I love you, be my valentine" with "yes" "no" "maybe" cupcakes to be delivered to a lawyer in midtown.

Linda and I emailed back and forth because Linda wanted the card with the cupcakes to be signed "with love, your secret admirer" and Linda wanted to make sure we didn't tell her lawyer valentine that the cupcakes were from her.

We don't generally receive many anonymous cupcake delivery requests but we are romantics at heart and assured her we wouldn't spill the beans.

I personally went to deliver the cupcakes, and normally when delivering to a building in Manhattan someone just comes down to take receipt of the cupcakes and I go on my way.

Not these particular cupcakes.....

The receptionist had security send me up with the delivery. I reach the reception area and the receptionist takes one look at the cupcakes and tells me that they are so cute and that I have to deliver them to the lawyer valentine because he is going to be so surprised.

At this point I am smiling on the outside and cringing on the inside because I know that the whole office is going to know about the cupcakes and may even want to come over and see them while I am still there (this has happened to me before and it's about as comfortable as a job interview lol)

The receptionist walks me back to lawyer valentines office, knocks on his door and tells him he has a delivery and then steps out of the way so-that I can hand him the cupcakes.

I smile and then try to beat a hasty retreat for the door but of course now the cupcake delivery has spread and people are lined up around lawyer valentines door (blocking my escape route)

So he admires the cupcakes and tells me that he has had our cupcakes before and really liked them. He reads the card and laughs and says " I know these are from my fiancé Rebecca* she loves surprising me" he then calls to the receptionist and asks her to get Rebecca.

...... Uhohhhhhhh last time I checked Linda is not a nickname for Rebecca.

I start heading for the door because I smell disaster in the air and I don't want to become part of the collateral damage lol

Unfortunately I get waylaid in the hallway by a lawyer mommy who wants my information so that she can order cupcakes for her daughters 3rd birthday (at this point I have one ear tuned to our conversation and another tuned to the lawyer valentines office and I am trying to calculate just how quickly I can reach the elevators just in case "Linda" isn't short for "Rebecca" and they (or should I say Rebecca) wants to know who exactly ordered those cupcakes.

I begin wrapping it up with lawyer mommy and turn down the hall to make my escape for the elevator when I hear a very loud voice exclaim "What!!! I did NOT order any cupcakes!"

You could have heard a pin drop.... I looked around and all I see are big eyes and open mouths.

I did a quick about face waved at lawyer mommy who was busy catching flies and turned on the afterburners in an attempt to reach the reception area before anyone thought to ask me who ordered the cupcakes since clearly Rebecca did not.

I didn’t take a full deep breath till I cleared the revolving doors at the buildings entrance.

Ohh to have been a fly on the wall to hear the rest of that conversation.....


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