Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Takeover 12

Tomorrow is a big day for the Lux Team. We have a photoshoot and interview with Georgette Cline an Editor/Writer in the entertainment industry (Editor with & Rap-Up magazine/writer for XXL, GIANT magazine). Georgette has launched a new blog titled Per Georgette:

The blog is a place to feature women, inspire women, talk about products and projects for women, and just be a place where women can go to be informed of something new and refreshing, whether it be entertainment, music, lifestyle and more.

The first project is titled "The Takeover Twelve" or TTT. Per Georgette the concept behind TTT will be: highlight 12 women who are successful in their respective careers and shine a light on what they do.
Check out the blog here. We will announce when the Lux interview and photoshoot is up!



Chris said...

you guys are doing big things! congratulations.

Lora said...

Can't wait to see it