Monday, July 20, 2009

Where We've Been...

Hi Luxies:
It's finally feeling like summertime in NY and we've been busy catering birthday parties and even catered a picnic in Central Park last weekend (see the box of goodies below).
On Saturday night we catered a birthday party at the RoofTop for a good friend and Wendy Williams was also there :-). We just had to introduce ourselves and we also gave Wendy, her husband, Charlemagne and the other members of her party, Lux Bailey's chocolate cupcakes and also Chocolate Truffle topped chocolate cupcakes.
Also we're finally posting the dessert table that we catered for Angela Yee's 1 year Anniversary party for her morning show at Taj Lounge earlier this month.
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Dessert goodies for Central Park Picnic Party (clockwise from top: Lux bars, Lux Heart Choco Chip stuffed cookie, Lipservice Baileys cupcake, Chocolate Truffle Choc Cupcake, Walnut & Carrot cake Cupcake, Lux Heart Brownies, Mini Red Velvet, Strawberry & Nutella Tart, Lux Lemon Bar)

Dessert table at Angela Yee 1 year Anniversary show


Darlene said...

mmmmmmmmmmm yumm!

Lola said...

the dessert table looks great girls