Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Yayy Luxies! Spring time is finally here.
The Lux Girls have been coming up with new and exciting flavors and one such creation is called the Lux Lamington. Shari, our pastry chef and creative director describes it as:
Butter Cake dipped in chocolate and rolled in coconut. It's as delicious as it sounds!!!
It will be available for the first time this weekend at Boulevard, so make sure you stop by and try it out!
Have a fantastic weekend and stay tuned for new flavors that we will be presenting shortly!

LuxSugar Lamington



Tara said...


Betty said...

I want one NOW!

Dean said...

Those look good.

Anonymous said...

Yummee stuff

Cindi said...

i <3 chocolate!