Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boulevard Cafe

Hi All:
We haven't had a chance to post any pics of Boulevard Cafe, the only place in BK you can pick up LuxSugar goodies including the newly debuted Lipservice Baileys cupcake.
Boulevard is open 7days a week from 930a-930p and Eric and Esther are the owners. The food is yummy, the coffee is fantastic and the atmosphere...well you should check it out for yourself. Also they are opening the backyard space soon (yayy Spring) and also will begin to serve wine and beer.
253 Montrose Avenue
Williamsburg, BK
L to Montrose stop

Lux brownies, Lux coconut bars, and chocolate chip cookies

too many yummy things to choose from

peruse a book...


Angelina J cheesecake squares (w/ brownie bottom)

Lux display (perez cupcakes, red v cupcakes, St. Patty's day frosted cookies, red v cookie)



Lori Ann said...

Congrats!!!! Place looks super cute

Anonymous said...

I am so there this week 4 the Baileys cupcake.

Jennifer said...

I went there 2 weekends ago. The place is fantastic, really nice vibes. The food is good also. Def reccomend

Dylan said...


Zida said...

looks yummy

Anonymous said...

Best place in the hood!!!!!!