Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Work in Progress

Hi Luxies,

We recently did a wedding cake for a lovely couple (Ros and Tony) and they are regular readers of our blog and suggested that we do a "behind the scenes" post. We love making our customers happy so we decided to follow their advice and do something a little different, so here goes....

Step 1- Meet sexy 007, he will leave you both shaken and stirred.

Step 2- Cakes are baked and ready..time to roll out the fondant (A LOT of fondant).

Step 3- One down 3 more to go (All cake layers were luscious Marilyn Monroe Red Velvet).

Step 4- Cakes safely transported to the reception venue (whewww it was a lot of cake) and baker begins the assembly process.

Step 5- Create custom cake topper with golden infinity rings and organic fresh flowers.

Step 6- Fantasy Fondant & Flowers cake complete and ready for its photo shoot :-)

A luscious four layer Marilyn Monroe red velvet cake with cream cheese filling; Fondant studded with edible pearl and gold balls, fondant roses, and organic flowers.

And that is how a wedding cake goes from flour to photo shoot in 6 easy steps.

Luv and Happy Holidays,


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