Friday, November 21, 2008

Meagan Hearts Series

There is a really cute positive book by Megan Fate and Kimi Fate Gros geared towards young girls that we wanted to share with you all.
It's called Megan Hearts and each series of books are devoted to "helping inspire and empower young girls (ages 5-9) to explore new hobbies and create new goals".

The first one is called Megan Hearts Baking which is of course our specialty here at LuxSugar!

Per the authors:

There is a profound pressure placed on young girls in current day society based on their image: they need to be thin, beautiful and appealing. Instead of looking to serve others, the focus is constantly on "me!" The struggle of peer pressure emerges and girls strive for whatever it takes to be well liked and popular. They fear walking the road less traveled because, to them, it appears to be the lonely road. Girls fear failure. Due to this fear, we often times see far too many girls let life pass them by as they ‘go with the flow.' One will find that as you look back upon your life, the moments that stand out are the ones when you have done things for others. Oftentimes, people forget to think beyond themselves. It is our desire for "Megan Hearts" to empower girls to try new activities and as they gain knowledge and skills, learn to recognize the importance of using them for benefits that reach beyond themselves.

You can purchase the book online at either the Megan Hearts site or at Amazon.
Also if you're in Cali make sure you stop by the book release party on Friday, December 5th:
Friday, December 5th@ the Frosted Cupcakery on 2nd St. in Long Beach
5:30 pm-8:30 pm
*Stop in any time during the evening*
Come Enjoy......Special Mini Megan Hearts Cupcakes
"It's A Grind" hot beverages
a live band playing throughout the night
the "real" Megan sharing the vision behind the book series
raffle and door prizes
book signing and much much more!
**Also, if you are a young girl between the age of 4-8, e-mail LuxSugar and we will send you the PDF of the flyer to the book release, and you can receive an invitation to the upcoming Megan Hearts Baking Day!**

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