Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lux...Starting New

Hi All.

We are trying new ventures and expanding so look out for our new website coming to your computer screen really really soon!

In the meantime check out our myspace page and become our friend while we continue to make ourselves known.

Shari and Tashia...our resident bakers are trying out new desserts this week to bring into work for the weekly sample tryout (we love our co-workers)!
So far it looks like everyone is loving the b. pitt vanilla buttercream cupcakes, the a. jolie apple crusted cupcakes, the toffee crusted cheesecake, the chocolate choco-chip brownies, and the orange-cicle cream cake. We'll let you know how the other desserts go this week.

Also Heidi has found some new places for Lux to showcase their fabulous desserts...so stay tuned to find out where you should go (keep your fingers crossed).

Thanks to everyone for their continued support as we turn LuxSugar into something HUGE!!!


sally said...

I am so excited for you guys!!

Shari said...

mmm mmmm good I luv LuxSugar! I can't wait till you guys post your new schedule, I need my LuxSugar fix!!

Anonymous said...

the blog looks good, almost as good as your cheesecake and speaking of cheesecake if I buy 5 do I get the 6th one free hahaha...

Anonymous said...

Please don't change you b pitt buttercreme cupcakes they are so good (just like brad :-)